End of Summer Sale

Soak in the final days of relaxation

As summer draws to a close, it’s time to prioritize selfcare before school starts and work schedules get hectic. With our End of Summer Sale, our float and massage therapy packages—now with an irresistible 30% off—are the perfect way to refresh, relax and recharge your body and mind.

End of Summer Spa Packages - now 30%!

60-Minute Float + 60-Minute Massage Package

Was $180 | Now $126

90-Minute Float + 60-Minute Massage Package

Was $190 | Now $133

60-Minute Float + 90-Minute Massage Package

Was $210 | Now $147

90-Minute Float + 90-Minute Massage Package

Was $220 | Now $155

Each package pairs a relaxing float therapy session with a custom massage with our exceptional therapists.  Upon purchase, you’ll receive two e-coupons: one for your float and one for your massage. Schedule your sessions back-to-back or space them out to savor the relaxation.

New to float therapy?

An ultra-relaxing session for mind and body, float therapy is the act of entering a dark, soundproof room filled with 12 inches of purified, body-temperature water that is saturated with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt. The high concentration of salt is anti-inflammatory and creates a zero-gravity environment that removes all pressure points from your body. Extremely beneficial for individuals with sore and tense muscles, and neck, back, and hip pain, float therapy, float therapy allows you to decompress, unwind, and heal.


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