full-spectrum CBD products

From tinctures to dietary supplements and targeted topical creams, our diverse range of CBD products delivers safe and effective solutions for every day. 

Quality you can trust.

Have you ever tried CBD products and not liked the effects or lack thereof? It's important to know that not all hemp products are created equally.


With the current market explosion of CBD products, there is a huge decline in quality. We've partnered with Ageless Health, a physician-owned health and wellness company, to curate the finest products for safe and effective use. 


Laboratory Tested

Our products are third party tested for safety, quality and potency. 


Pure CO2 Extraction

Sophisticated CO2 extraction  methodology delivers clean and unaltered products. 


Water Soluble

Our products are developed using nanotechnology to boost bioavailability. 

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Zero Humic Acid

Our products are THC-free (<0.03% THC) and free of environmental toxins. 


Sustainably Farmed

Our products are derived from organically grown, non-GMO hemp. 


Quality Controlled

Our products are produced following GMP, Good Manufacturing Practices.

Over 91% bioavailability for maximum absorption

What is bioavailability and why does it matter?

Bioavailability is the percentage of active ingredient actually absorbed by the bloodstream. Our products use nanotechnology to emulsify hemp molecules and micronize them into smaller, more dispersed particles that are easily passed through cell membranes. Offering the highest, most effective, rate of CBD absorption on the market, our products deliver 91% bioavailability.

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