The One Essential Your Summer Workout Is Missing

Welcome to summer. The days are longer, the weather is warmer and it’s the perfect time to kick your workout routine into high gear—and actually get ready for the hot season ahead. Whether you’ve taken up boxing, are a cycling obsessive or hitting the gym several times a week, it can be all too easy to focus all your effort and energy into the actual exercise itself. That’s the whole point, right? We push ourselves to our physical limits so we can really enjoy that immediate flop onto the sofa afterwards, as we bask in the glory of a workout done well. But you may actually be missing a trick here. Oddly enough, making the most of your downtime between sessions could be the key to reaching your fitness goals.

What we're talking about here is workout recovery: taking the time to properly rebalance the body between workouts. It's not only vital in helping your body mend itself after a bout of physical exhaustion, but it's also great at preparing muscles for the next workout in your regimen. Unfortunately, treating yourself to a few hours lying on the sofa in front of Netflix every time you complete a Barry's Bootcamp session doesn't count. No, unfortunately, recovery takes a little more thought, time and attention than that.

In fact, when done properly, recovery can reset the body and help you get the most out of every single workout. We suggest you keep scrolling for advice on how to accelerate recovery and boost your workout performance.

1. Water, Lots of Water

Keeping your body hydrated is vital in supporting the protein synthesis process, in which muscles rebuild themselves after the strain of a workout. It's also important for regulating body temperature, lubricating joints, warding off muscle cramps and stopping you from entering any dizzy spells when things get particularly strenuous.

2. Foam Rolling

For anyone even mildly interested in fitness, this one won't come as a surprise. Running (already) sore limbs over a foam roller can be painful, but it will help flush toxins from the muscles and gently knead the fascia, or connective tissue, between them better than any stretching could.

3. Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas have been causing a bit of a stir of late, as the wellness set flock to specialist centers, such as New York City’s Higher Dose and Los Angeles’ Shape House to get their fix. So why are they such a big deal? Well, these saunas use light to not only heat the air around you (like a traditional sauna), but to heat your body from the inside out, which in turn boosts circulation and flushes toxins from the body and out through the skin. The process is especially beneficial post-workout as it can counteract the lactic acid that builds up around muscles, soothing them back to their relaxed state.

4. Floating

There’s a reason why New England Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady, NBA All-Star Steph Curry, and seven-time world champion mountain bike racer Rebecca Rusch, all swear by this recovery technique.

According to The Float Guru, Vijay Ravikumar, it's the ultimate add-on to any fitness regimen. “Its high magnesium content lowers blood lactate levels, relieving muscle pain,” he promises. “It can also release endorphins into the bloodstream, which bind to pain receptors, alleviating aches." When floating, gravity is no longer a factor. Every single muscle in the body can decompress, with zero pressure, and truly relax.

The actual relaxation benefits are more likely to come from the combined impact of the water and weightlessness. The salt changes the quality of the water, making it feel silky and slippery. Warmth is a known muscle relaxant and being free from gravity enables you to fully stretch out the spine and enter a calm your central nervous system.

Plus, the intimate sensory experience of feeling completely weightless in the salty water can do wonders for your mental health too. In short, it's like a sports massage, only better.

Recovery is vital for the body to continue making progress, whether its muscle gain, fat loss, or both. This summer, get the most out of your workout by caring for your body and mind and engaging with your well-being in a powerful way.

Sanctuary Float Spa provides 60-minute and 90-minute sessions ideal for routine workout recovery. Feel the benefits yourself and schedule your appointment today.

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