What sets our float rooms apart from the rest?

Water Quality

Each float room is filled with approximately 200 gallons of salt water solution. One thousand pounds of dissolved, pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt makes up this solution. That concentration of salt alone would be an excellent sanitizer, but in addition to that, we use a powerful dose of ultraviolet light, ozone, and a daily treatment of a 27% H2O2 solution. All of these systems are fully automated. Filtering is accomplished through a cartridge filter system which traps debris as small as 5 microns. The entire system runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the exception of float session time. There are no harsh chemicals used. Ultraviolet light destroys over 99.9% of the organic matter and pathogens found in pools and spas. Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer in nature and is considered the world's number one defense against modern resistant organisms, while producing no by-products. Hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, works in a similar manner to ozone producing an additional layer of oxidation. This triad of sanitation processes will assure that our customers enjoy a crystal clear, safe and chemical free salt water environment.

A comfortable and inviting atmosphere

A clear glass entry door, a beautiful white interior with a uniquely styled contour ceiling, client controlled LED, underwater color light therapy, and sparkling clean water makes for a very inviting and comfortable atmosphere that you will completely enjoy.

Precise air temperature control

The only float room that actually monitors and controls the air temperature inside the float room and around the perimeter of the float room space, assuring a consistent temperature between air, water and skin. This is a must for good restrictive environmental sensory therapy (REST).


There is absolutely no condensation inside our float rooms. Because of our unique system of air temperature control, there is no differential in air temperature between the air in the float space and the air just outside of the float space, making condensation virtually impossible.

Fresh air

Most float rooms and tanks rely on an air exchange system where the hot air rises through a vent at the top of the tank, drawing in fresh air at a lower point in the tank wall. This is not an optimal process. This type of system will actually let your warm air escape while you’re drawing cooler air into the float room from below. You don't want to draw cooler air into the float room. Our system is mechanical and completely automated. Just prior to a customer's float session, all the air in the float room is drawn out and replaced with new preheated air. This way, the air is always fresh, the air temperature perfect, and there is no heat loss.

Sound control

The outer walls of the Wave float room are constructed with 1.5" solid foam board for sound and thermal insulation. This wall and ceiling structure completely encapsulates the entire float room. The base of the float room sits on 2" of rigid foam insulation board, supplying good thermal insulation as well as sound deadening qualities. Finally, an additional 3" of a rock wool sound control insulation surrounds the walls of the float room tub providing a total of 4.5" of sound and thermal insulation where it is needed most, at and below the water level.

Automated music

The music or other audio can be set to play throughout the entire float session or it can be set to fade in at the beginning of a float session, play for a few minutes, and then fade off. Then with a few minutes left in the session, the music will fade back in and play until the customer leaves the float room. Also, the customer has an option to bring in their own music or audio, (mp3, phone, etc.), to play during their float session. The customer always has complete control over the music.

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