Your Higher Self Wants You To Be Happy

Fearful and anxious about life without knowing why? Find clarity when you align with your higher Self.

What is the higher Self?

Your higher Self communicates to you through gut feelings, insights, and intuitive hunches. Your higher Self is anchored within your heart center and is the overseer of your life. The higher Self can envision the bigger picture, whereas you, the individual, can only see what's before you because our perspective is limited while residing in a physical body. For example, we are influenced by the ups-and-downs of daily life which stimulate emotional and physical responses. The higher Self figuratively and literally occupies a higher position. Perpetually aware and continuously expanding, the higher Self provides clarity in times of distress and pushes you toward the most positive outcome.

Canoeing in a river

Imagine you are canoeing alone down a river with endless twists and turns. As you round each bend, you are met with two scenarios: either calm waters and you're pleasantly surprised, or turbulent rapids and you're taken aback. The person in the canoe is your physical self.

Now, imagine you are flying in a helicopter looking down upon this scene. You can see yourself rowing in the canoe, but now you can see every twist and turn that is laid out before your journey. You see how far you have traveled, and how far you have to go before reaching your final destination. You are able to perceive the fullness of time: past, present, and future. The person in the helicopter is your higher Self.

So, what happens when you approach a split in the river and must make a decision? In every scenario, one choice will always lead to the higher path of love, compassion, and joy; the other choice will always lead you towards a lower path strewn with fear, judgement, and anger. This is where your higher Self comes into play, for it will always try to guide you to the higher path.

Your higher Self wants you to be happy

The higher Self communicates through dreams, hunches, intuitive insights, and most of all, feelings. The key is to align with your higher Self, but that is easier said than done. Check out the article, "Aligning with Your Higher Self: How to Connect with Your Higher Self through the Wisdom of Your Body," to learn helpful tips for aligning with your higher Self and recognizing and strengthening the connection.

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