Valentine’s Day Specials


Buy One Get One FREE float and massage therapy gift cards

Buy One Get One FREE float therapy gift cards

Exclusive Offer: $90 to $110 (for two floats)

For Valentine’s Day, treat yourself or your special someone to a relaxing, socially distanced float therapy session at Sanctuary Float Spa.  For a limited time only, are float therapy gift cards are buy one get one FREE.

What are the benefits of float therapy?

From deep relaxation to instant pain relief and stress reduction, float therapy has numerous benefits backed by clinical studies. Learn more here.

Buy One Get One FREE massage therapy gift cards

Exclusive Offer: $100 to $130 (for two massages)

This deal rarely comes around! Now through February 14, 2021, all 60-minute and 90-minute massage therapy gift cards are buy one get one FREE.

There’s nothing better than giving someone the opportunity to escape the everyday. Our float therapy and massage gift cards are available for instant download and can be paired together for the ultimate relaxation experience.

The Sanctuary Float Spa Experience

An escape for the body and mind

When is the last time you were truly alone? Away from friends and family, not on your phone or watching TV, completely distanced from the world?

At Sanctuary Float Spa, we strive to create an environment where you can escape reality. We believe that true, individualized healing begins with a simple unplug–away from society, away from the every day, away from the weight of the world. Because when you become lighter, free of distractions and inhibitions, you can forge a deeper connection with yourself and those around you. 

Your wellness is our number one priority

  • Each float room undergoes clinical-grade sanitation processes before and after each client. This includes UV sanitation, ozone filtering, water cycling, and the natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties of hyper-saline environments.
  • By purchasing gift cards, you and the recipient reserve the right to redeem the services whenever you feel comfortable; whether that’s now or sometime in the future. 

Benefits of float therapy

Today, it seems that everyone is looking for a cure-all for pain, stress, fatigue–you name it. But float therapy is a solution for all of these issues. Here are just a few of the clinically proven benefits of float therapy:

  • Reduces inflammation – With over 1,000 lbs of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), one float therapy session offers greater anti-inflammatory healing powers than 10 Advil/Tylenol.
  • Instant pain relief – The anti-gravity environment of a float room instantly removes weight from bones, muscles, and joints, allowing the spine and neck to decompress and lengthen.
  • Detoxifying agents – The high salt concentration of a float room acts as a natural detoxifier, ridding the body of harmful toxins that contribute to hormonal imbalances and weight gain.  
  • Lower stress and anxiety – Float rooms are devoid of external stimuli, which allows the central nervous system to quiet and lower cortisol levels, a hormone released in the bloodstream during stressful situations. 
  • Improve sleep quality – Floating induces a profound state of relaxation that lets the mind and body rest; on average, one hour of floating is equal to four hours of sleep. 

How Sanctuary Float Spa is different

The largest float spa in the Twin Cities, Sanctuary Float Spa has five private float rooms, each with a shower and dressing area. Designed for maximum comfort, our unique float rooms provide safe and inviting environments for all types of users.

  • ​Float rooms are equipped with glass doors and are approximately 9 feet long, 7 feet high, and 6 feet wide.
  • Intercom systems with lighting and audio controls are conveniently located inside the float room for personal preferences.
  • Fresh air is exchanged between float sessions with precision air temperature control during the float session.
  • High-speed filtration and rinse cycles with non-toxic UV, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide deliver safe and effective sanitation.