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Massage therapy at Sanctuary Float Spa

Escape to the Sanctuary

Because you need it.

Discover your sanctuary away from stress at the Twin Cities’ largest float therapy spa. Offering float therapy, massage therapy, and skincare and wellness products, Sanctuary Float Spa is your destination for total relaxation and holistic healing.

Create your unique massage

No two people are the same. That’s why no two massages should be the same. With your input, our therapists create a personalized massage session. At Sanctuary Float Spa , it’s all about you.

Your session starts with a conversation with your massage therapist. By understanding what you’re looking to accomplish, your therapist can then pull from various massage types and incorporate elements of them to address your specific needs.

Choose from our menu of massages

Sanctuary Signature

Exceptionally beneficial for whole body relaxation, this calming massage uses light to medium pressure to increase circulation and metabolism, remove toxins, release muscle tension, and rebalance the body.

60 MIN | $105
90 MIN | $135

Deep Tissue

For those with chronic pain and continually tight, contracted areas, such as stiff necks, low backs, and sore shoulders, this therapy uses firm pressure to relieve tension below superficial muscles.

60 MIN | $125
90 MIN | $155

Prenatal massage

Designed for women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, this deeply soothing therapy improve circulation, reduces swelling in hands and feet, and releases tension in the lower back, neck, and shoulders.

60 MIN | $125
90 MIN | $155

Premium massages

Hot Stone Massage

A relaxing body treatment using flat, heated stones to ease deep into the muscle layer and erase tension held in the body while increasing circulation to the tissues.

Additional $20

CBD Massage

Using  the highest quality CBD massage oil, this restorative, anti-inflammatory body treatment relieves chronic pain,  eases muscular tension, and enhances mood.

Additional $20

Cupping therapy

An ancient therapy for healing and detoxification of the body, cupping increases blood flow—and this increased circulation helps promote rejuvenation and reduces pain. 

Additional $20

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